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Brief Biography of

Branden Fitelson


Name: Branden Fitelson

Birthdate: 1969.08.17

Occupation: Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of California-Berkeley


  • BS. Mathematics & Physics (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Ph.D. Philosophy (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Affiliations: Member of APA and PSA.


  • "Wayne, Horwich, and Evidential Diversity", Philosophy of Science, December 1996.
  • Review of Brian Skyrms's "Evolution of the Social Contract", with Elliott Sober, forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Winter 1997.
  • "Plantinga's Probability Arguments Against Naturalism and Evolution", with Elliott Sober, forthcoming in a collection to be edited by Rob Pennock (and, perhaps, in some scholarly journal in philosophy).

Other Relevant Misc. Info: Branden Fitelson is a member of the Group in Logic and Methodology of Science, and the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the University of California-Berkeley. His main research interests involve the foundations of probability and inductive inference (specifically, probabilistic theories of evidential support and inductive logic). He has also done significant research on various applications of automated reasoning to logic, mathematics, and philosophy of science. Branden is now working on a book on the foundations of inductive logic and probability, and on a project to automate formal reasoning about the probability calculus.

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