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This file has been made available by the Bank of Wisdom.

Descent of Man [ 1871]

Charles Darwin [ 1809 - 1882 ]

Table of Contents

Part One - Introduction

Chapter I - The Evidence of the Descent of Man from some Lower Form

Chapter II - On the Manner of Development of Man from some Lower Form

Chapter III - Comparison of the Mental Powers of Man and the Lower Animals

Chapter IV - Comparison of the Mental Powers of Man and the Lower Animals (continued)

Chapter V - On the Development of the Intellectual and Moral Faculties

Chapter VI - On the Affinities and Genealogy of Man

Chapter VII - On the Races of Man

Part Two - Chapter VIII - Principles of Sexual Selection

Chapter IX - Secondary Sexual Characters in the Lower Classes of the Animal Kingdom

Chapter X - Secondary Sexual Characters of Insects

Chapter XI - Insects, Continued- Order Lepidoptera. Butterflies and Moths

Chapter XII - Secondary Sexual Characters of Fishes, Amphibians,and Reptiles

Chapter XIII - Secondary Sexual Characters of Birds

Chapter XIV - Birds- Continued

Chapter XV - Birds- Continued

Chapter XVI - Birds-Concluded

Chapter XVII - Secondary Sexual Characters of Mammals

Chapter XVIII - Secondary Sexual Characters of Mammals- Continued

Part Three - Chapter XIX - Secondary Sexual Characters of Man

Chapter XX - Secondary Sexual Characters of Man-Continued

Chapter XXI - General Summary and Conclusion

Supplemental Note - On sexual Selection in Relation to Monkeys

Bank of Wisdom

The Bank of Wisdom is run by Emmett Fields out of his home in Kentucky. He painstakingly scanned in these works and put them on disks for others to have available. Mr. Fields makes these disks available for only the cost of the media.

Files made available from the Bank of Wisdom may be freely reproduced and given away, but may not be sold.

Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship.

Bank of WisdomThe Bank of Wisdom is a collection of the most thoughtful, scholarly and factual books. These computer books are reprints of suppressed books and will cover American and world history; the Biographies and writings of famous persons, and especially of our nations Founding Fathers. They will include philosophy and religion. all these subjects, and more, will be made available to the public in electronic form, easily copied and distributed, so that America can again become what its Founders intended --

The Free Market-Place of Ideas.

The Bank of Wisdom is always looking for more of these old, hidden, suppressed and forgotten books that contain needed facts and information for today. If you have such books please contact us, we need to give them back to America.

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Louisville, KY 40201

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