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Biographies and Archives


Multiple Freethinkers

A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Freethinkers by Joseph McCabe (1920)

Infidel Death-beds by George Foote and A. D. McLaren (1886)

The Religious Beliefs Of Our Presidents by Franklin Steiner

Six Historic Americans by John Remsburg

Historical Writings Collected By Positive Atheism (Cliff Walker, Webmaster) (Off Site)

Atheism in India Collected By Positive Atheism (Cliff Walker, Webmaster) (Off Site)


Individual Freethinkers

A Tribute To Henry Ward Beecher by Robert Ingersoll (1887)

Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher by John Kessler

Luther Burbank (Author Page)

The Forgotten Story of Luther Burbank, an article in Freethought Today

Luther Burbank, Infidel by Edgar Waite

Luther Burbank Speaks Out by Joseph McCabe

Burbank, the Infidel by Joseph Lewis (1927) (Off Site)

Robert Burns by Robert Ingersoll (Unpublished) (1878)

Diderot by Robert Ingersoll

Albert Einstein (Author Page)

Albert Einstein Online (Off Site)

Epicurus (Author Page)

Epicurus and Epicurean Philosophy (Off Site)

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin by John Remsburg

Franklin, the Freethinker by Joseph Lewis (1925) (Off Site)

Ulysses S. Grant by John Remsburg

George Jacob Holyoake by Robert Ingersoll

Humboldt by Robert Ingersoll (1869)

David Hume (Author Page)

David Hume (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) (Off Site)

Robert Ingersoll (Author Page)

A Biographical Appreciation Of Robert G. Ingersoll by Herman Kittredge (1911) [Index]

Foreword to the Complete Works of Ingersoll

Robert G. Ingersoll - An Intimate View by Newton Baker (1920)

Studies In Rationalism by E. Haldeman-Julius

Ingersoll, the Magnificent by Joseph Lewis (1957) [ Index] (Off Site)

Thomas Jefferson (Author Page)

The Jefferson Gopher (Off Site)

Thomas Jefferson by John Remsburg

Jefferson, the Freethinker by Joseph Lewis (1925) (Off Site)

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln by Robert Ingersoll (1894)

Abraham Lincoln by John Remsburg

Lincoln, the Freethinker by Joseph Lewis (1924) (Off Site)

Joseph McCabe (Author Page)

Joseph McCabe: Fighter For Freethought by Isaac Goldberg (1936)

Friedrich Nietzsche (Author Page)

The Nietzsche Page at USC (Off Site)

Thomas Paine (Author Page)

On Thomas Paine by Robert Ingersoll (1870)

Thomas Paine by Robert Ingersoll (1892)

Thomas Paine by John Remsburg

Thomas Paine and The Age of Reason by Joseph Lewis (1957) (Off Site)

Thomas Paine: World Citizen by Joseph Lewis (1948) (Off Site)

Vindication Of Thomas Paine by Robert Ingersoll (1877)

The Writings Of Thomas Paine by Moncure D. Conway (1896)

Ernest Renan (Author Page)

Ernest Renan (1892) by Robert Ingersoll

Bertrand Russell (Author Page)

The Bertrand Russell Archives (Off Site)

A Tribute To Horace Seaver by Robert Ingersoll (1889)

Shakespeare by Robert Ingersoll (1891)

Tolstoy And The Kreutzer Sonata by Robert Ingersoll

Voltaire (Author Page)

Vindication Of Thomas Paine by Robert Ingersoll (includes Voltaire) (1877)

Voltaire by Robert Ingersoll (1894)

Voltaire, the Incomparable Infidel by Joseph Lewis (1929) (Off Site)

Voltaire Foundation (Off Site)

George Washington by John Remsburg

A Tribute To Elizur Wright by Robert Ingersoll (1885)

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