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Secular Web HTML Standards

Adding Rebuttals


We have a policy of publishing rebuttals of papers we catalogue in our Modern Library (and of course we publish counterrebuttals, and so on). When such a rebuttal is published by us the following steps need to be followed:

The author whose essay is being criticized should be notified immediately and given the URL of the rebuttal essay.

A link to the rebuttal essay needs to be added after the essay being criticized on the relevant Author Page. The following code must be used:

<P CLASS=at>"<A HREF="%%URL/hyperlink%%">%%Title of Rebuttal%%</A>" (%%year written%%)by <A HREF="%%URL of Author's Library Page (if any, if not then do not hyperlink author's name)%%">%%Name of Author%%</A></P>
<P CLASS=ad>%%Brief description of the essay's content in one to three sentences.%%</P>

Note: make sure the preceding paragraph (the articledescrip of the criticized essay, or lacking that the articletitle itself) is closed (i.e. ends with </P>).

A link to the rebuttal essay needs to be added after the essay being criticized on every Subject Page in which the criticized essay is listed. Use the same format as above.

The addition of the rebuttal essay must be announced on the What's New page, following the What's New Guidelines.

Note: If the criticized essay is revised since a rebuttal was published, this must be indicated everywhere a link to the rebuttal essay appears (on the author page and on every subject page where the essay is found) and should also be noted editorially in the criticized essay itself, wherever a link to the rebuttal was placed. The notice should appear as an added sentence in the articledescrip paragraph, and look something like this:

<B>Note: %%Criticized Author's Last Name%% has revised his essay since %%Criticizing Author's Last Name%% published his reply.<B>