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Secular Web Awards

DETOX Award Winner Read the original review at

“The biggest atheist website, valuable particularly for its extensive library of primary documents and transcripts. Maintained by the Internet Infidels.”

Golden Serpent Award Read the original review at https://www.yahoo.com/

“If there were only one site on the Web, I would want it to be this one. The Secular Web is a treasure trove of valuable secular resources. It includes the full texts of many books by secular authors, and numerous essays by modern writers, including philosophy professors. It serves as a web home for many secular magazines, organizations, and more narrowly focused secular web sites.”

NetGuide Platinum Site Read the original review at http://www.netguide.com/server-java/NGPage/SearchBrowseResultsDetail?SiteApp.SiteID=110080

“Irreverent but not idiotic, the Internet Infidels load you with armfuls of philosophy, Christian legends, and secular humor. Connect with Agnostics, Atheists, Secularists, and Skeptics through the contacts page, and find related organizations in your locale and throughout the world. Whether looking to get ousted from your current religious order, add forbidden spice to your dinner conversations, or scavenge fodder for a thesis, these hundreds of well-articulated articles can give you the skinny on religious skepticism and criticism.

Overall Rating: 5 stars

Content: 5 stars

Design: 5 stars

Personality: 5 stars

Parental Control: none

Fees/Registration: none

Top 5% of all Web Sites Read the original review at pointcom.com/gifs/reviews/12_07007.htm

Content: 38/50

Presentation: 36/50

Experience: 37/50

“Brought to you by a band of militant skeptics known as the Internet Infidels, Secular Web is an electronic clearinghouse of “freethought” (read: atheist, agnostic, and/or humanist) resources. It’s loaded with critical texts such as John Maisel’s “Is Jesus God?”, plus pointers to positivist publications, individuals, and newsgroups. Much of the material here is thoughtful (in that atheistic sort of way), and even humorous (such as Scientific “Proof” Of My Divinity on the satire page). Yet, the Infidels’ enthusiasm to think and publish freely also leads to banality and occasionally to excessive insults. Those with a bone to pick with God or believers will find plenty of support here.”

Magellan 4 Star Site Read the original review at http://magellan.mckinley.com/rr_bd.cgi?45997.

“The Secular Web is an index to humanist, atheist, agnostic and other miscellaneous secular resources. The well organized interface allows the user to look through archives on the subject, and subscribe to magazines such as The Free Thinker. Users can also recieve information on related events, get the email address of atheists/agnostics on the Web, take part in discussion groups, download satire and more.”

WIC Select Read the original review at gnn.com/gnn/wic/wics/relig.62.html.

“Events, debates, literature, humor, organizations and newsgroups are but a few of the well organized resources that this site offers atheists and other Secular Humanists. The Secular Web is maintained by The Internet Infidels.”

Image Read the original review at http://www.aril.org/World.html

“Resources in service of the secular, but there is much discussion here of biblical and theological issues. Though the editors of these pages put themselves forward as atheists and infidels, we admire their humor, irony, and elan.”

Magellan 3 Star Site The McKinley Group has recognized the Humor section of the Secular Web as a 3-Star site. Read the original review at http://magellan.mckinley.com/review.cgi?sid=63274.

“These outrageous, absurd works of humor are sure to be classified as offensive and sacrilegious by some. Others, however, will find some of the Internet Infidels’ comments quite accurate and very funny. If a piece entitled ’50 Things for Non-Christians To Do In Church’ perks your interest, bring your atheistic self on over to the halls of Infidels. Devout Christians, stay clear.”