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Phillip Johnson

Critiques of Anti-Evolutionist Phillip Johnson’s Views (1994) (Off Site) by Jim Lippard, Bill Hamilton

Phillip Johnson, the author of Darwin on Trial, is taken to task for his self-contradicting statements and his rather myopic view of science.

DARWIN ON TRIAL: A Review (Off Site) by Eugenie Scott

Scott questions Johnson’s understanding of science and evolution.

Interview with Phillip E. Johnson (1993) (Off Site)

In 1993, Johnson agreed to be interviewed by Yves Barbero for the newsletter of the California Committee of Correspondence. The interview below is followed by an unedited statement by Johnson which appeared in the same issue, and a reply by Prof. Frank J. Sonleitner of the Department of Zoology at the University of Oklahoma, printed in the following issue.

The Mistrial of Evolution (1992) (Off Site) by Terry Gray

Gray, a chemist and self-described creationist, reviews Johnson’s book.

Creation and Evolution of a Controversy (1999) (Off Site) [ PDF format only ]by Robert T. Pennock

This is the first chapter of Pennock’s book Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism.

Reply and Rejoinder to Pennock’s Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism (Off Site)

This exchange was published in the Science Pages of Christianity Online, and begins with an Introduction, followed by an answer to Pennock’s book by Phillip Johnson and then a response to this by Pennock.

Supernaturalist Explanations and the Prospects for a Theistic Science or “How do you know it was the lettuce?” (1997) (Off Site) by Robert T. Pennock

Paper presented at a conference on “Naturalism, Theism and the Scientific Enterprise,” March 20-23, 1997, at the University of Texas, Austin. Pennock disputes the soundness of Phillip Johnson’s proposal for “Theistic Science” in this detailed paper, which expands and draws on material from Pennock’s book Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism.