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Milton L. Forbes

Milton L. Forbes is a biologist (PhD, Florida State University, 1962). He retired in 1991 from the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix Campus. He has published various articles in scientific journals in marine biology.

Dr. Forbes has often been amazed at those who would rather listen to sectarian religionists than scientists on scientific matters. Scientists, on the other hand, usually dismiss the threat of fundamentalism as unworthy of their attention, or compartmentalize their private religious beliefs. All of us — the scientific community, the nation, the world — are paying heavy penalties for the cultural divide that C. P. Snow warned us about many years ago in his famous article in Science. Dr. Forbes blames the cultural divide partly on widespread misunderstanding and misuse of the Bible.

Long interested in various studies of literature, Dr. Forbes has written two previous books on the Bible. He argues that the Bible deserves greater respect as literature than scientists and religionists give it. It should be lifted out of sectarian religion, magic, superstition, and idolotry. he notes that religionists as well as the public do not know of the many recent discoveries of epic importance about the Bible by competent, objective Bible scholars. That is why he has brought some of that scholarship together in The Myth of the Lord Jesus Christ.