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Joseph Gerteis

Joseph Gerteis is Asst. Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota. His work explores the connections between social identity and the formation of group interest in a number of ongoing projects:

  • "Class and the Color Line," a book on interracial Southern labor movements of the late 19th century, stressing the importance of understanding how the movements themselves framed their "class" interests relative to race, and particularly the importance of civic republicanism as central idiom in that framing.
  • "Nationalism in America? The Case of the Populist Movement," with Alyssa Goolsby. This paper draws on data from the Populist movement's use of "American" as an identity term to develop claims about nationalist claims in the American context.
  • "American Mosaic Project," with Doug Hartmann and Penny Edgell, funded by the David Edelstein Foundation. This project explores how Americans think about issues of diversity and solidarity in modern America through the lenses of race and religion.