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Joe Nickell

Brief Biography of

Joe Nickell

Name: Joe Nickell, Ph. D.

Born (YYYY.MM.DD): 1944.12.01

Occupation: Paranormal Investigator (and author of "Investigative Files" column for Skeptical Inquirer magazine).


  • B.A. University of Kentucky, 1967
  • M.A. University of Kentucky, 1982
  • Ph.D. University of Kentucky, 1987



  • Author of 16 books, including Inquest of the Shroud of Turin, Secrets of the Supernatural, Looking for a Miracle, Entities, Psychic Sleuths, and The UFO Invasion.

Other Relevant Misc. Info:

  • Joe Nickell has worked professionally as a stage magician, private investigator, journalist, and university instructor.