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Jerry Borchandt

Jerry Wayne Borchandt

Review of The Resurrection Factor by Josh McDowell (1982)

The Resurrection Factor is not the promised historical defense of Christianity but instead is mere Christian propaganda. It is modern propoganda in defense of ancient propoganda (the New Testament). Such a treatise can convert only the uninformed and convince only the already convinced. Perhaps McDowell is unable to muster up the "evidence that demands a verdict" that would truly do battle with the modern rationalistic critique of Christianity. Perhaps no such evidence is available.

Skepticism and McDowell's "Proof" (1982)

This brings us back to the fountainhead of the debate between Christian and freethinker. As much as McDowell would deny it, his case for Christianity rests not on compelling "evidence" but on religious faith. McDowell has not been able to elevate his case beyond a faith commitment; he has failed to "prove" Christianity. Belief in Christianity rests where it has always rested-on faith.