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Doug Jesseph

Doug Jesseph

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The Case for Atheism (1996) (PDF Format) (Off Site)

This is identical to the opening statement presented by Dr. Jesseph in his debate with Craig.

The Jesseph-Craig Debate: Does God Exist? (1996) [ Index ]

A transcript of the oral debate held in 1996 at North Carolina State University between atheist philosopher Doug Jesseph and Christian philosopher William Lane Craig. Jesseph defends the non-existence of God on the basis of three arguments: the principle of conservatism, the inconsistency of believers in accepting their god but rejecting all others, and the argument from evil. Craig's case for theism included the kalam cosmological argument, the argument to the fine-tuning of the universe, the moral argument, and religious experience. Jesseph's performance in this debate is arguably one of the strongest recent performances by an atheist in an oral debate.