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Donald L. Martin

Don Martin is a second-generation atheist, raised by parents who stressed treating people decently because "they are more likely to treat you decently back, and even if they don't, you'll sleep better." As a child, he did have Christian scare tactics used upon him; it left him feeling that those who would do that to a kid deserve whatever they get (one of them was, as it happens, wiped out in an automobile accident in Seattle, Washington in 1954, a fact that cheered him both then and now). He is a long-time participant of Fidonet's HolySmoke, a religious discussion echo, where he has the honor of coining the phrase and its abbreviation "Wicked Old Atheist (WOA)" that has come into general currency. He has no objection whatever to any religionist practicing his faith without involving anyone else not similarly inclined, but feels he does the country a service by opposing those who wish to write their theology into law one way or another.

Martin is a writer/editor in the VA's Office of the Medical Inspector, carves wooden masks in his spare time, and is about to plunge into the wonderful world of Linux. He is married (36 years and counting) and has two grown children.