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Bruce Russell

Bruce Russell

The 'Inductive' Argument From Evil: A Dialogue (1988) by Bruce Russell and Stephen Wykstra

A fictional dialogue between three philosophical women about the inductive argument from evil.

The Problem of Evil: Too Much Suffering (2004) (Off Site)

Because there is so much relevant evidence, it is hard to be certain that the best explanation of so much horrible suffering and some remarkable and beneficial events is that there is no God but people are sometimes lucky. But such an explanation seems better than one that says that God intervenes and sometimes helps bring about good outcomes and other times allows bad outcomes for reasons beyond our ken. That theistic explanation has two strikes against it in that we cannot understand how an immaterial being can act on the material world, and it posits the existence of hidden reasons, those beyond our ken. Whether it has three strikes against it depends on whether luck is an adequate explanation of events like the saving of the nine miners in Pennsylvania, the so-called Quecreek Miracle.

Why Doesn't God Intervene to Prevent Evil? (1996)

Philosopher Bruce Russell argues that there is good reason to believe there is pointless suffering and therefore God does not exist.