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You are probably looking for the article "Was There a Big Bang? I Honestly Don't Know" by Richard Carrier. It has been removed from the web because I no longer agree with its argument. I have now stated and defended my new position in the essay " I Was a Big Bang Skeptic" (2002).

The essay "Was There a Big Bang? I Honestly Don't Know" was originally written in 2000 and argued that there was not enough evidence, or the evidence was too ambiguous, to trust the Big Bang theory. The 2nd edition, completed in 2001, revised the presentation in some places, qualified or clarified some conclusions, and added some new material, but was not radically different from the original. The 3rd edition in early 2002 responded to some new evidence. In the Summer of 2002 this new evidence and debates with physicists Vic Stenger and Bjoern Feuerbacher convinced me to change my views.