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Curriculum Vitae


Name: Graham Robert Oppy

Date of Birth: October 6, 1960

Place of Birth: Benalla, Victoria, Australia

Citizenship: Australian


Primary:  1966-1972, Wendouree Primary (#1813), Wendouree

      1972: Dux, Full Scholarship to Wesley College

Secondary:  1973-1978, Wesley College, Prahran, Melbourne

      1978 HSC: General Distinction; Special Distinctions: English, Chemistry

Tertiary:   1979-1985, Melbourne University, Parkville, Melbourne

      1985: B.Sc./B.A. (Hons)

      1980: Hastie Exhibition, Philosophy 1

      1982: Hastie Exhibition, Philosophy 2

      1984: Hastie Exhibition, Philosophy 3

      1985: Hastie Exhibition, Philosophy 4

B.Sc. major: mathematics; minor: physics

B.A. major: philosophy

Graduate:  1987-1989, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA

      1989: M.A.

      1990: Ph.D

      1987: Fulbright--Graduate Award

Dissertation: "Attitude Problems: Semantics For Propositional Attitude Ascriptions"


     1990: Tutor, T&M, Sydney

     1991-1992: Lecturer, Wollongong

     1993-1995: A.R.C. Post-Doctoral Fellow, RSSS, ANU

     1996-mid-1996: Research Fellow, RSSS, ANU

     mid-1996 to 1999: Senior Lecturer, Monash

     2000 to present: Associate Professor, Monash



1996: Ontological Arguments And Belief In God, New York: Cambridge University Press

Encyclopedia Entries:

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1998: "Propositional Attitudes" Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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1997: "Pantheism, Quantification, and Mereology" Monist, 80, 2, pp.320-36

1998: "Swinburne on 'Mental' and 'Physical'" Religious Studies 34, pp.483-495

1998: "Judging Theistic Arguments" Sophia 37, 2, pp.30-43

1999: "Koons' Cosmological Argument" Faith and Philosophy 16, pp.378-89

forthcoming: "Humean Supervenience?" Philosophical Studies

forthcoming: "Thorough-Going Resemblance Nominalism" in M. Monnoyer (ed.)

forthcoming: "On 'A New Cosmological Argument'" Religious Studies

forthcoming: "Physical Eschatology" in Q. Smith (ed.)

forthcoming: "Colonising the Galaxies" Sophia

forthcoming: "Reply to Gettings" Analysis

forthcoming: "Time, Successive Addition and Kalam Cosmological Arguments" in N. Manson (ed.)

Book Reviews:

1991: Propositional Attitudes, by Mark Richard, 1990 (Australasian Journal Of Philosophy, 69, 3, September 1991, pp.362-365)

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1999: Cosmology and Controversy, by Helge Kragh, 1996 (Australasian Journal of Philosophy 77, 3, September 1999, pp.387-9)

forthcoming: Truth, second edition, by Paul Horwich, 1999 (Australasian Journal of Philosophy)

forthcoming: Companion to the Philosophy of Science, edited by W. Newton-Smith, 1999 (Australasian Journal of Philosophy)

Joint Publications:

1994: "The Two Envelope Paradox" Analysis, January 1994, pp.43-45 (with Frank Jackson and Peter Menzies)

1994: "Minimalism And Truth-Aptness" Mind, 103, July 1994, pp.287-302 (with Frank Jackson and Michael Smith)

1997: "Minimalism And Truth" Nous, (with John O'Leary-Hawthorne)

Internet Publications:


1998: "Review: J. P. Moreland (1994) The Creation Hypothesis"

1998: "Emendations on Leftow on Time and Eternity"

1998: "Critical Notice: Frank J. Tipler (1995) The Physics of Immortality"

1999: "Review: R. C. Sproul (1994) Not a Chance"

1999: "Review: D. Overman (1997) Case Against Accident and Self-Organisation"

2000: "Review: A. Weisberger (1997) Suffering Belief"


Academic Address:  Department of Philosophy
Monash University
Clayton Campus
Wellington Rd.,
Clayton Vic 3168


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