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Anti-Pat Robertson/Christian Coalition Page

"Many people are already aware of his show, coalition, and billion-dollar empire, most are unaware of his political extremism and theocratic agenda ... This site is dedicated to bringing you awareness of his ideas beyond that which the average person is already aware of."

c.c. (Christian Coalition) Watch

"The '' Electronic News Service tracks and reports on the activities of Pat Robertson, all of his enterprises (especially the Christian Coalition), and his fellow travelers--core elements of the political movement known as 'the religious right.' Our reports and commentary are based upon: review of many media sources including television and the Internet, research (libraries/on-line data bases/wire services), interviews, mailings we receive, reports from 'c.c.watchers,' covering events, etc. We deliver information that the American public might not otherwise receive."

Chuck Colson Watch

Brought to you by the PostFundamentalist Press.

The Church-State Page

The Disney Boycott (1997)--One More Instance of Southern Baptist Bigotry

"To my mind, the SBC is one of the most contemptible religious institutions to ever arise. . . . hopefully, this boycott will eventually serve to discredit those unpleasant little hypocrites who wrote, voted for and will perpetuate it."

Little-Known U.S. Document Signed by President Adams Proclaims America's Government Is Secular by Jim Walker

Ontario Centre For Religious Tolerance

Pledge of Allegiance Restoration Project

All of the supporting materials for this worthy effort.

Promise Keeper Watch

The Queer Resources Directory's Religious Right Pages

An excellent collection of links and articles about the RRR.

America's Real Religion

Author Gene Garman's site which contains a collection of essays and commentary about state-church issues. What is America's "Real" Religion? Democracy!