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Secular Web The News Wire

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About the News Wire

What it is

The Internet Infidels News Wire is meant to be a resource for freethinkers, atheists, humanists, and even religious people—anyone concerned with current events that affect religious civil liberties and freedom of conscience. Also, we try occasionally to include interesting, humourous, or entertaining stories impinging upon secularism and/or religion, and stories which, broadly speaking, illustrate trends within religious belief and practice worldwide, and stories about personalities associated with secularist and freethought movements and communities.

What it is not

The wire is not a repository for every major news story. Only those stories which are deemed relevant to freethinkers will be included on the news wire. Also, very little content is stored here—most often, only links to off-site articles are listed here. The News Wire and the Internet Infidels are not responsible for the content of articles that are not stored on this site. We make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the news we post, but there are limitations to what we can do, given the scope of the material, and our limited resources.

Who runs it?

The News Wire is hosted on the II Web server and is property of the Secular Web. The wire is maintained by Wire Editors Doug Reardon and Amy Edmonds, using software developed by Ray W. Johnson.

Where do the articles come from?

We do a daily web search of major news outlets, and we have scripts that search for news content. Many of the articles are submitted by readers such as yourself.

How do I submit an article?

See the submission tips & guidelines page for details on how to submit articles and event announcements. Note that we truly appreciate each submission. Whether it gets used or not, you have our thanks.

Can I use material from the News Wire?

Most of the stories originate outside the Secular Web. In those instances, you should abide by the respective copyright policy for those stories. For stories that originate at the Secular Web and are not already covered by a copyright policy, you are asked to please observe the Secular Web’s official copyright statement.