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October 24, 2012

Added Modal Arguments for Atheism (2012) by Ryan Stringer to the Arguments for Atheism page, the Ontological Arguments and Cosmological Arguments pages under Arguments for the Existence of a God, and the Alvin Plantinga page under Christian Apologetics and Apologists in the Modern Documents section of the Secular Web Library.

In addition to evidential and logical arguments for atheism, there is a lesser-known third kind of argument. Modal arguments for atheism conclude that atheism is necessarily true on the basis of a mere possibility claim. In this paper Ryan Stringer considers how modal arguments for atheism contribute to the philosophical defense of atheism, concluding that modal arguments for atheism either (a) positively support atheism or (b) at least undermine modal arguments for theism.

October 7, 2012

New in the Kiosk: The Complete Irrelevance of the Fine-Tuning Argument (2012) by Horia George Plugaru

The Fine-Tuning Argument—the argument that it is so improbable that life in the Universe is just a lucky accident that it is much more reasonable to think that a supernatural being fine-tuned the universe to sustain life—not only does not and cannot, by itself, increase the credibility of a supernaturalistic explanation of the Universe, but is completely irrelevant when it comes to practical considerations.

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