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What's New on the Secular Web?

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December 18, 2008

Suggestions for the Winter Solstice season:

From the Library: From Fundamentalist to Freethinker: It All Began with Santa (2007) by Raymond D. Bradley
From the Kiosk: Who Was Wenceslas? Christmas Myth-Making (2003) by William Hopper
From the KIosk: A Zen Jesus for Christmas (2001) by William Edelen.
From the Kiosk: The Christ Myth and Solstice (2001) by William Edelen.
From the Kiosk: Christmas Mythology (1999) by William Edelen.
From the Bookstore: The Battle for Christmas (1997) by Stephen Nissenbaum.

December 1, 2008

New in the Bookstore: The Reason Driven Life: What Am I Here on Earth For? (2006) by Robert M. Price.

With more than 25,000,000 copies sold, Pastor Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life has been both a commercially successful best-seller and a widely influential book in the Christian community. In The Reason Driven Life Robert M. Price--a former fundamentalist, former Baptist pastor, and member of the Jesus Seminar--offers the first parody and critique of Warren's bestseller. Warren's God, Price says, is a "Frankenstein Monster, a divine bully, and an obsessive stalker."


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