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September 29, 2000

Added Feature Article Helping God Help Us Help Ourselves  by Randy McGregor
The author explores the achievements of humanity and the accompanying credit that is all too often heaped upon God. He challenges the rationale behind this process along with its utility in Biblical times and in our present day society. Indeed the concept of God can and does "serve as a magnifying glass through which human aspiration is focused" but it is time now to rewrite the popular Christian poem Footprints recognizing clearly who is carrying Who.

September 27, 2000

Added two events to the Events Page.
When:   15 November 2000    7:30 P.M.
What:  The Disproof Atheism Society presents "A Critique of Glynn's God: The Evidence" a talk by Michael Martin, Boston University Professor Emeritus and author of Atheism: A Philosophical Justification and the web article "".
Where: Boston University
Contact:   dasociety

When:   12 December 2000    7:30 P.M.
What:  The Disproof Atheism Society presents "The Unfairness Disproof of God," a talk by Ricki Monnier, Director of The Disproof Atheism Society and former Chair of the Coalition of Humanist, Atheist & Ethical Organizations of Mass., based on R. Schoenig's paper in the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion
Where:   Boston University
Contact:   dasociety

If your group or organization is having a meeting or some type of event, go to our Events Page and send us an email.

Added an addendum to G.A. Wells' reply to J.P. Holding on extrabiblical references to Jesus (2000) by G.A. Wells

Holding is unwilling to provide his Christian audience a link to Wells' essays--or, for that matter, to anything else on the Secular Web that specifically rebuts Holding--but Holding has recently written two attacks on Wells. In this new addendum to his original article, G.A. Wells responds to Holding's latest arguments.
Added "Why Doesn't God Intervene to Prevent Evil?" (1996) [ 27K ] by Bruce Russell
Philosopher Bruce Russell argues that there is good reason to believe there is pointless suffering and therefore God does not exist.

September 24, 2000

Added paper "The Naturalistic Fallacy and Other Mistaken Arguments of Paul Copan" (2000) by Michael Martin to the Modern Library

In this response to Paul Copan ("Can Michael Martin Be A Moral Realist? Sic et Non," Philosophia Christi, Series 2, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 45-71) Martin revisits Copan's defense of the ontological foundation of theistic morality. Martin also addresses the charge that ethical naturalists commit the naturalistic fallacy, delves into the argument from evil, the Euthyphro Dilemma, as well as notions of original sin and intrinsic human worth.

September 17, 2000

Added Feature Article The Incoherence of Original Sin and Substitutive Sacrifice by Philip Kuchar.
The punishment suffered by Jesus, that of the crucifixion, gave rise to multiple interpretations to explain how and why God allowed His Son to suffer so. The concept of Original Sin became one of the central tenets of the Christian religion to explain God's actions in sacrificing His Son. Jesus is said to have born the sins of the world in an effort to cleanse humanity from sin. The author explores the concept of Original Sin, the idea of sin transferal, while questioning the notion of whether Jesus' fate was indeed a sacrifice as claimed.
Added Atheists & The Elections to Point-Counterpoint Series.
This coming November will see many American nontheists scurrying to the ballot box to vote in the next President of the United States. In the first point-counterpoint issue to be explored, Atheists & The Elections, we present two opinions within the Secular Community that begin to show the diversity that exists among religious nonbelievers with respect to the upcoming election.
Added new section in Library for point-counterpoint opinion pieces.
The Point-Counterpoint Series includes opinions from members of the Secular Community on subjects and issues within the media. If you would like to contribute an opinion piece to this section please submit you work to The Secular Web.

September 16, 2000

Added the History of Ancient Epistemology project (2000) [ Index ] by Richard Carrier.
An ongoing project, of which only the first installment is now available, completing a summary of the rise and development of philosophy, and in particular epistemology (the theory of knowledge, the groundwork for a scientific method) from its beginnings to the end of the 4th century C.E.

September 13, 2000

Added one event to the Events Page.
When:  22-24 September 2000 (7pm 9/22-noon 9/24)
What:  Center for Inquiry Institute's Fall Seminar: "Scientific Examination of Religion:  The Facts About Jesus, Paul, and Early Christianity" featuring Drs. Gerd Luedemann and Joe Barnhart (on main topic) and Dr. Reid Johnson on "Christians' Responses to Facts about Their Religious Beliefs".  NOTE:  there are only a few seats left available, and there is a charge for the Seminar ($149 general; $99 for faculty; $49 for students with ID; free scholarships available; plus $35 for Sat. nite Banquet).  Also note that they have Dr. Gerd Luedemann, the world renowned and controversial liberal theologian from the University of Gottingen, Germany for one of his few U.S. appearances this year.  He's been prohibited by his university from teaching seminar students for telling the truth about Christian New Testament myths.
Where:  Omni Hotel Southpark, 4140 Governors Row, Austin, Texas
Contact:  Dr. Reid Johnson cfiidean, or PH: (843)237-7262, or FX: (843)237-8002

If your group or organization is having a meeting or some type of event, go to our Events Page and send us an email.

Added Feature Article Why Atheists Must Elect Al Gore as President by Edward Tabash.
In a powerful and informative essay, Tabash discusses the arguments being raised in the Secular Community for and against the election of Al Gore as President. He also comments on the growing support for Ralph Nader and how it may actually lead to increased support for George Bush. Throughout the article, Tabash paints a very frightening picture of the effects upon non-theists, and the state of affairs within the US at large, should the Republicans take the House.

September 12, 2000

Added Massimo Pigliucci's monthly column Rationally Speaking.
Massimo Pigliucci is the author of Tales of the Rational: Essays on Science and Nature and a regular contributor to The Secular Web. Dr. Pigliucci writes a monthly column of thoughts about skepticism, humanism, science, and pseudoscience. The column, entitled Rationally Speaking will be featured on The Secular Web each month and archived in the library. Issues from August and September are available and subsequent issues will be added in the months to come.
Added new section in Library for debates.
The Debates Section lists a variety of debates available online in addition to the Secularist Versus Secularist online debate series, hosted by the Internet Infidels. Eventually we hope to include information on debates taking place across the country, a list of debaters available and a variety of resources on the subject of debating. Check back for future developments.
Added new section in Library for regular columns.
The Columns Section will contain a variety of regular columns written by members of the Secular and Skeptic Communities.
Added the following paragraph to Kooks and Quacks of the Roman Empire: a look into the world of the gospels (1997) [ 22K ] by Richard Carrier.
The final lesson from the case of Alexander and Peregrinus is that Lucian's skeptical debunking never persuaded any believers, showing that even the rare skeptic, no matter how convincing his arguments and evidence, could have no practical effect on the credulous believers. The vast majority would never read or hear anything he wrote, and most of those who did would dismiss it. Indeed, believers were hostile to critical thought and would shout the skeptics down and drive off even suspected doubters in their midst, as actually happened in the case of Alexander: before every ceremony, the congregation would cry "Away with the Epicureans! Away with the Christians!" (and all other atheists: 38) since these two groups had a reputation for trying to debunk popular religion (this hostility could even come to slander and violence: 25). In effect, this was like clamping their hands over their ears and humming, deliberately refusing even to hear reasonable arguments, much less to consider their force.

September 11, 2000

Added the FirstPress Release for The Coalition of the Community of Reason
In an effort to protect, attract and defend atheists, rationalists, humanists and other freethinkers, the Coalition for the Community of Reason respond to Joseph Leiberman.
Added Coalition Section to List of Organizations
To make room for the increased effort in building alliances and coalitions among the secular community, a new section has been added to the types of organizations listed in the group area. We hope Secular Web visitors will enjoy the new section, take part in the efforts being made to build bridges, and show their support for coalition building among the individuals, groups and organizations that represent the Secular Community.

September 10, 2000

Added Huntington Library Exhibit by William Edelen to the Freethought section of the Modern Library
An exhibit opened at the Huntington Library in Los Angeles with the title of RELIGION AND THE FOUNDING OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC. The employee of the Library of Congress, James Huston, who put the exhibit together writes: "the founders thought that virtue and morality required religion, therefore religion was necessary."  The naive, gullible, innocent and historically ignorant will believe this nonsense.

September 9, 2000

Added Good Looking Fundamentalist Politicians With Really Cool Names by Auda Burrumgee
Providing evidence from US, Canada and Britain, Auda Burrumgee proposes a radical new political science theory that offers insight into campaign considerations and the election process while simultaneously lifting the mask off of the voting public, and showing just what makes us tick.
Added God's Protectors: Bush, Cheney, Gore, Lieberman by William Edelen to the Freethought section of the Modern Library
It will be a sad day for America when we reward religious sham at the polls. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Harry Truman, and Barry Goldwater, where are you now that we need you?
Added When Religion Dictates Medicine by Janet Brazill to the Freethought section of the Modern Library
Most people don't care what other people believe, so long as it doesn't affect them - so long as it's "no skin off my nose!" But what about those times when other people's beliefs ARE affecting you and you don't even know it?  Times when other people use their religious beliefs to decide what medical services will be available to you?
Added Steven Weinberg by William Edelen to the Freethought section of the Modern Library
Dr. Steven Weinberg is one of the true, authentic, Renaissance men of our time. He has been called the "Einstein" of our day.
Added five events to the Events Page.
When:  16 September 2000 1:00 P.M.
What:  Meeting of the Mobile Area Freethought Association  (1st and 3rd Saturdays)
Where:  6345 Old Shell Road just East of Hillcrest Road, Mobile, Alabama

When:  17 September 2000 3:00 P.M.
What:  The Mountain Empire-Tennessee Regional Atheist Meet (RAM)
Where:  on the East Tennessee State University Campus, D.P.  Culp Center -- Forum Room -- in Johnson City, TN.

When:  24 September 2000
What:  American Atheists New Jersey Director Dave Silverman will host a luncheon
Where:  Tumulty's Pub in New Brunswick, N.J.
Contact:  American Atheists New Jersey

When:  04 October 2000 7:00 P.M.
What:  Students for Science and Skepticism at UC Irvine present internationally acclaimed skeptic James "The Amazing" Randi.
Where:  Social Science Lecture Hall on the UC Irvine Campus, CA

When:   10 October 2000    7:30 P.M.
What:  The Disproof Atheism Society hosts "The Quiet Awakening: Atheism on College Campuses," a talk by Chris Kirchhoff, former Political Affairs Director of the Campus Freethought Alliance and recent President of the Harvard Secular Society
Where:   Boston University
Contact:   dasociety

If your group or organization is having a meeting or some type of event, go to our Events Page and send us an email.

September 8, 2000

Added Secularist Versus Secularist Online Debate Section
The Secularist Vs. Secularist Debate is a new series hosted by the Internet Infidels to explore the diveristy of opinions within the Secular Community on controversial issues in the media and society at large. All debates unfold online with a pre-set format agreed upon by participants. If you would like to contribute by sending in ideas for future debates or participating in a debate yourself, please write to us with your suggestions.
Added "Does 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 Teach a Physical or a Spiritual Resurrection?" (2000) by David Friedman
1 Corinthians 15 is a biblical chapter often referred to in discussing the Resurrection of Jesus. David Friedman explores the literalist claim of a physical resurrection by presenting evidence that shows the authors of Corinthians, and the witnesses to the resurrection, were referring solely to a spiritual rebirth, not a physical one.

September 6, 2000

Added two events to the Events Page.
When:  09 September 2000 3:00 P.M.
What:  Lecture on "Redefining God" by William Edelen. Tickets are $10
Where:  University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, CO
Contact:  719-543-5249 or 719-547-0493 to reserve tickets and get information on location.

When:  17 September 2000  2:00 P.M.
What:  "Christian Becomes Atheist, Atheist Becomes Christian." Back-to-back presentations by Mark Vuletic (on how he became an atheist) and Paul Smith (on how he became a Christian). Not a debate, simply a retelling of personal experience. Informal Q&A follows. Free admission. Organized by the Jesus Forum.
Where:  2nd Floor of the Oak Park Public Library, 834 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL
Contact:  (708) 788-2831

If your group or organization is having a meeting or some type of event, go to our Events Page and send us an email.

September 2, 2000

Added new feature article "'No Pray No Play' What Went Wrong?" by James Still
In protest against the recent Supreme Court decision against Santa Fe High School, Christian organizers at the school called for a "spontaneous prayer" to begin immediately after the school band played the national anthem. The plan fizzled and few participated in the prayer. Still gives two reason why he thinks it failed.

September 1, 2000

Corrected an error in Part V ("The Gnostics Make the First Move") of The Formation of the New Testament Canon [ 108K ] (2000) by Richard Carrier. The author of Against Marcion was Tertullian, not Origen.