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February 22, 1999

Added American Atheists Convention and George Carlin: You Are All Diseased (Cable Television Special) to the Events Page

February 18, 1999

Added an appearance in the Colorado Springs area by II President Jeffery Jay Lowder to the Events Page

February 16, 1999

Added the Atheist Alliance Convention to the Events page

February 15, 1999

Added an essay Reliability and Belief by James Still to Jeffery Jay Lowder's The Jury Is In project.

In this essay, James Still reacts to Josh McDowell's Chapter 4 entitled "Reliability of the Bible" in his book Evidence That Demands a Verdict. Still first distinguishes between Pauline faith and McDowell's insistence that the Bible reveals historically true propositions, which the author calls the "reliability doctrine." McDowell's reliability doctrine is then examined from three perspectives: biblical criticism, archaeology, and philosophy. Still concludes that the gospel narratives are not to be understood as factually true propositions of history, but rather they communicate the theological meaning of faith in Christ.

Added January 1999 Feedback to the 1999 Feedback Section.

Your letters to us and our irreverent, yet new and improved dishwasher-safe replies!

February 8, 1999

Added "Atheistic Education" [ 38K ] by Michael Martin

Martin concludes that "the lack of excellent atheistic educational literature--whatever value this literature may have when judged on other grounds--makes it hard to provide excellent atheistic education."

February 7, 1999

Added "Books by Robert A. Heinlein" to the Fantasy and Science Fiction by Non-theists section of the II Bookstore

Robert Heinlein, the Grandmaster of Science Fiction was a non-theist. We have added the first of several sections devoted to his works. This first section contains ten of his books.

February 6, 1999

Added "The Unknown Jesus" to the Events page

On Sunday, February 7, 1999 A&E is going to show a special on New Testament scholarship. Sorry for the late notice. We just found out ourselves!

February 5, 1999

Added "Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder" to the Events page

Richard Dawkins is touring the USA to promote his new book, Science, Delusion, and the Appetite for Wonder. Check the events page to see if he is coming to your town!

Added Contact by Carl Sagan to the Fantasy and Science Fiction by Non-theists section of The Secular Web's Bookstore.

February 4, 1999

Added "Books by Greg Egan" to the Fantasy and Science Fiction by Non-theists section of the II Bookstore

Greg Egan is a science fiction writer from Australia, and he is a non-theist. We currently have seven books by Greg. Check him out.

February 3, 1999

Added "Select Christian Apologetics Web Sites" to the Christianity section of the Modern Library

This page is NOT intended to provide a comprehensive list of Christian apologetics web sites; however, it does include many of what we consider to be the best apologetics sites on the Web. From these initial sites, interested readers will be able to find links to practically all of the other Christian apologetics sites on the web. We are providing these links in a spirit of understanding and open-mindedness.

February 1, 1999

Added "Theodore Drange's Opening Statement" and "Douglas Wilson's Opening Statement" in the Drange-Wilson Debate

The topic for this debate is, "The Transcendental Argument for the Existence of the Christian God vs. the Arguments from Nonbelief and Confusion for the Nonexistence of that God." Drange and Wilson will each submit one statement per month (independently of one another), every month, until June.

Added "The Moral Argument from Evil" (1999) [ 48K ] by Dean Stretton

"[E]ven if theists can successfully respond to the evidential argument from evil, there is a further difficulty to be faced in the moral argument from evil. If evil is merely the harbinger of greater good, why should we be opposed to its occurrence, and why, indeed, should we be expected to prevent it?"

Added Dean Stretton author page

Stretton is an undergraduate philosophy major from down under. If Stretton can produce this quality of work as an undergraduate, we can't wait to see his work as a graduate student! Welcome aboard, Dean!

Added "This Is Humanism" (the February 1999 column of The Happy Heretic by Judith Hayes)

Ever wonder what "humanism" is all about? Judith Hayes, our "Happy Heretic," provides a no-nonsense explanation.

Added "Jesus: Fact or Fiction?" (1997) [ Index ]

A transcript of the debate between Robert M. Price, a member of the Jesus Seminar and editor of The Journal of Higher Criticism, and John Rankin, president and founder of the Theological Education Institute. Price suggests that Jesus Christ was a fictional character; Rankin argues that Jesus Christ was a historical individual.

Published the February issue of ii, the monthly newsletter of the Internet Infidels.

This special Valentine's Day issue is dedicated to the memory of HAC's Greg Erwin, whose tragic death has left us deeply saddened. The issue's special focus is on a most unusual love triangle. . . Other stories include the myth of Saint Valentine, the pro-family agenda of the religious right, and bookstore mergers, as well as our regular columns, upcoming events, and February's book of the month.

Published the February web.scan.

Each month mathew dredges the bottom of the net to bring to you strange religious claims, flim-flam schemes, pop-culture memes gone awry, and the downright superstitious. This month, mathew examines the arcana of Christian singles chat, sex, apostacy, and dating unbelievers.