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Brief Biography of

Stephen J. Sullivan

Position: Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania


  • Member, American Philosophical Association, 2004-present
  • Member, PASSHE Interdisciplinary Association for Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2005-present


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Cornell University, 1990
  • M.A., Philosophy, Cornell University, 1984
  • B.A., Philosophy, University of Toronto, 1979 (with distinction)
  • Catholic University of America, 1974-1976

Academic Appointments:

  • Assistant Professor, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (2004- ) (tenured 2009)
  • Assistant/Associate Professor, University of Southern Indiana (1996-2004)
  • Adjunct Instructor, Seton Hall University (Spring 1996)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University (1994-1995)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Illinois State University (1992-1993)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech (1990-1992)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Rice University (1988-1990)


  • Nominated for Educator of the Year in Spring 2009
  • Nominated for Advisor of the Year in Spring 2009

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Philosophical Association (2004- )
  • PASSHE Interdisciplinary Association for Philosophy and Religious Studies (2005- )

Recent Publications:

  • "A Critique of One Unnaturalness Objection to Gay Sex," American Philosophical Association Newsletter (forthcoming Spring 2010).
  • Review of William J. Wainwright, Religion and Morality, Secular Web, Fall 2009.
  • "Christian Morality and Slave Morality," Philo (Fall/Winter 2009).
  • "Nietzsche's Anticipations of Russell," Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly (Spring 2009).
  • Review of Jostein Gaarder, Sophie's World: A Novel on the History of Philosophy, Janua Sophia (2008).
  • "The Special Rights Fallacy," PASSHE Values Newsletter (Fall 2007).
  • "Science, Morality, and Religion: A Reply to Herman E. Daly," Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly (Summer/Fall 2006).
  • "Absolutism, Relativism, and Abortion: A Reply to Gillespie," PASSHE Values Newsletter (Fall 2006).
  • "Adams's Open-Question Argument Against Ethical Naturalism," Secular Web (2006).
  • Review essay on Robert Merrihew Adams, Finite and Infinite Goods, Secular Web (2005).
  • Review of Roger-Pol Droit, How Are Things? A Philosophical Experiment, New Humanist Update (December 6, 2005).
  • "Social Conservatism, Sexual Morality, and Ethical Relativism," PASSHE Values Newsletter (Fall 2005).
  • "By Virtue of Being White" [Letter], Teaching Tolerance (Spring 2007).
  • "The 'Dark Side' of Catholic Colleges" [Letter], Chronicle of Higher Education, June 20, 2008.
  • A 'Safe Space' for Students in Campus Offices" [Letter], Chronicle of Higher Education, January 18, 2008.
  • "Believing in the Liberal Arts" [Letter], Chronicle of Higher Education, July 21, 2006.
  • "Keep 'Moral Certainties' Out of the Classroom" [Letter], Chronicle of Higher Education, January 13, 2006.

Manuscript reviews:

  • forthcoming work by New York University cognitive psychologist Gregory L. Murphy (Summer 2009)
  • Journal of Value Inquiry (Spring 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2007, Fall 2004)
  • Janua_Sophia (2004-2009)
  • Secular Web (Fall 2007)
  • Secular Web (Fall 2007)
  • Oxford University Press (Summer 2007)