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Mohammad Gill

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A Plea for Rationalism (2001)

Some irrational beliefs in several different religions are discussed, specific examples of such irrationalism are given, and a plea is made for considering conventional beliefs rationally.

Influence of the Idea of God on Human Thought (2002)

The influence of the idea of God on human thought is so pervasive that hardly any sphere of man's intellectual activity is free from it. So much so that even the scientists who deal with physical facts, their observation and measurement, and correlation and interpretation are also directly or indirectly affected by it in spite of the fact that their profession, 'science,' has little room for speculation about a supernatural entity.

Pitfalls of Metaphysics and Chimera of Divine Revelation (2003)

"History shows that metaphysics is subjective, prevaricated to the extent of unintelligibility, and irrational; it is essentially ostentatious and philosophically so dense that it is inane. Likewise, many revelations are demonstrably and factually wrong. Both are anachronistic and have ceased to be inspiring sources of human knowledge. Any reliable human knowledge is empirical and scientific."

The Theory of Everything (2001)

Though God continues to be pushed further and further back through space and time, some theists believe that The Theory of Everything (TOE) has allowed a few more options to be posited. There now may be at least 10 dimensions to keep us busy in this never-ending game of mystical hide and seek!

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