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Brief Biography of Evan Fales


B. A. Haverford College, 1964, Physics
M. A. Temple University, 1971, Philosophy
Ph.D. Temple University, 1974, Philosophy

Teaching Positions

Physics Teacher, Scattergood School, West Branch, Iowa, 1967-69
Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, 1974-79
Associate Professor, University of Iowa, 1979-present

Honors and Awards

University Fellowship, Temple University, 1969-70, 1973-74
Old Gold Summer Fellowship, University of Iowa, 1978, 1981
Interdisciplinary Research Grant, University of Iowa, 1987



  1. Causation and Universals (Routledge, 1990).
  2. Genes and Human Self-Knowledge, coedited with Robert Weir and Susan Lawrence (University of Iowa Press, 1994).
  3. A Defense of the Given, Studies in Epistemology and Cognitive Theory (Rowman and Littlefield, 1996).

Journal Articles

"Definite Descriptions as Designators," Mind, April, 1976, 225-238.

"Donnellan on Definite Descriptions," with Joseph Margolis, Philosophia, June, 1976, 289-302.

"Truth, Tradition, and Rationality," Philosophy of the Social Sciences, June, 1976, 97-113.

"The Ontology of Social Roles," Philosophy of the Social Sciences, June, 1977, 139-161, to be reprinted in Microsociology: A Book of Readings, Jacek Szmatka, ed., PWN--Polish Scientific Publishers, forthcoming.

"Theoretical Simplicity and Defeasibility," Philosophy of Science, June, 1978, 273-288.

"Opacity in the Attitudes," Canadian Journal of Philosophy, December, 1978, 725-752.

"Relative Essentialism," The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, December, 1979, 349-370.

"Uniqueness and Historical Laws," Philosophy of Science, June, 1980, 260-276.

"Must Sociology be Qualitative?," and "Reply to Professor Brown," Qualitative Sociology, invited paper, Summer, 1982, 89-105, 145-146.

"Natural Kinds and Freaks of Nature," Philosophy of Science, March, 1982, 67-90.

"Generic Universals," The Australasian Journal of Philosophy, March, 1982, 29-39.

"Davidson's Compatibilism," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, December, 1984, 227-246.

"Causation and Induction," Midwest Studies in Philosophy, invited paper, Vol. IX, 1984, 113-134.

"Essentialism and the Elementary Constituents of Matter," Midwest Studies in Philosophy, invited paper, Vol. XI, 1986, 391-402.

"How to be a Metaphysical Realist," Midwest Studies in Philosophy, invited paper, Vol. XII, 1988, 253-274.

"Antediluvian Theodicy: Stump on the Fall," Faith and Philosophy, 6, 1989, 320-329.

"Should God Have Not Created Adam?," Faith and Philosophy, 9, 1992, 193-209.

"Causal Knowledge: What Can Psychology Teach Philosophers?," with Edward A. Wasserman, The Journal of Mind and Behavior, forthcoming, spring, 1992.

"Are Causal Laws Contingent?" in Ontology, Causality, and Mind: Essays in Honour of D.M. Armstrong, Keith Campbell, John Bacon, and Lloyd Reinhardt, eds., Cambridge University Press 1993.

"Are Christians Obliged to Be Pacifists?" Faith and Philosophy, forthcoming, 1994.

"Divine Freedom and the Choice of a World," International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 35, April, 1994, 65-88.

"Plantinga's Case Against Naturalistic Epistemology," under submission.

"Mystical Experience as Evidence," International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, forthcoming, 1996.

"Scientific Explanations of Mystical Experience, Part I: The Case of St. Teresa," Religious Studies, forthcoming, September 1996.

"Scientific Explanations of Mystical Experience, Part II: The Challenge to Theism," Religious Studies, forthcoming, December 1996.

"Divine Intervention," under submission.

"Social Action at a Distance? Giving Far-Fetched Theories Their Due" with Barry Markovsky, under submission.


"Review of Geoffrey Hunter, 'Metalogic: An Introduction to the Metatheory of Standard First Order Logic,'" The Review of Metaphysics, September, 1971, 127.

"Review of Richard Rorty's Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature," Philosophy of the Social Sciences, December 1983, 524-529.

"Review of Paul Davies' Other Worlds," with Timothy Eastman, coauthor, Foundations of Physics, January 1984, 89-99.

"Review of Michael Luntley's Language, Logic and Experience: The Case for Anti-Realism," Canadian Philosophical Reviews IX, No. 11, (1989), 448-451.

"Review of Michael Tooley's Causation: A Realist Approach," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 50, No. 3, (1990), 605-610.

"Review of David Owens', Causes and Coincidences," for Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming.

"Review of Alvin Plantinga's Warrant and Proper Function," Mind, 103, (1994), 391-395.

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