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Joseph McCabe

[ 1867 - 1955 ]

One of the giants of not only English atheism, but world atheism, Joseph McCabe left a legacy of aggressive atheist and antireligious literature that remains fresh and insightful today. His many works-- he wrote nearly 250 books--could constitute a library of atheism by themselves.

Born in 1867, Joseph McCabe became a Franciscan monk at the age of nineteen. But disgusted with his fellow monks and the Christian doctrine, he left the priesthood for good on February 19, 1896.

Not long afterwards, he began to write--first against the priesthood itself and then for the position of Atheism. He was one of the founding members of Britain's Rationalist Press Association, and was a prolific writer for Haldeman-Julius Publications. He was also a much-respected speaker, giving, by his own estimate, three or four thousand lectures in the United States, Australia, and great Britain by the age of eighty. Still fighting against the injustices and dishonesties of religion, he died on January 10,1955, at the age of eighty-seven. The epitaph he requested was: "He was a rebel to his last day."

You may order books by Joseph McCabe here.

Big Blue Books: [Index]

A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Freethinkers (1920)

The Columbia Encyclopedia's Crimes Against The Truth

The Human Origin of Morals (1926) [ Little Blue Book No 1061 ] (Off Site)

Is The Position Of Atheism Getting Stronger (1936)

Lies And Fallacies Of The Encyclopedia Britannica

Luther Burbank Speaks Out

The Popes and Their Church (1918) [Index]

The Psychology of Religion [ Little Blue Book No. 446 ] (Off Site)

Rome's Syllabus Of Condemned Opinions: The Last Blast Of The Catholic Church's Medieval Trumpet

The Story Of Religious Controversy [Index]

Why I Believe In Fair Taxation Of Church Property (1930)

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