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Superstition in All Ages

Jean Meslier

From Reviewer Will Murphy: "First of all, this work was not written by Jean Meslier, and the real title is not 'Superstition In All Ages.' In reality, this work is Baron d'Holbach's masterpiece, 'Good' or 'Common Sense.' Due to the severe restrictions on the press in the 18th century, d'Holbach published virtually all of his work under the names of famous dead people. Amazingly, the only edition of this fine work that is still in print does not even credit the real author of the work! Nevertheless, the substance of the book is the same. To be honest, this is one of the best atheist tracts ever written. It is a more cogent presentation of the ideas that Holbach set forth in his famous 'System of Nature.' He completely destroys any rationale for 'God,' or anything else of the supernatural bent. He relentlessly attacks Christian dogma, revealing just how truly absurd it is. Moreover, he also demonstrates how harmful religion has been to individuals and to societies, and why it is a highly immoral force. Overall, this is still a devastating and profound exposition of atheist ideas. Although I agree with most of his ideas, I must admit that I am not inclined to follow his materialism or determinism/fatalism. Beyond this, I would recommend this work to both atheists and theists alike. The former will be exposed to some refreshing ideas, and the latter will surely be in for quite the shock, as their superstitions will be thoroughly undermined, if of course, they make use of their rational faculites."

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