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Bush and Moses

William Edelen

You are not going to believe you are reading the next paragraph. You had better go get another cup of coffee and sit down, maybe even hold tight to the edge of the breakfast table for balance.

Not long after the United States' 2000 Presidential Election, the Rev. Mark Craig, Senior Minister of a Dallas, Texas Methodist church, one of the largest in America with a flock of 12,000 sheep in Craig's pen, climbed up into the pulpit and in his sermon, as shepherd to this flock, compared President elect George W. Bush to Moses "being chosen by God to lead the people."' And as usual when preachers get carried away with the sound of their own voice while looking down into all of those upturned faces of their flock, he crossed the line from Theological ignorance to stupidity and in the process of getting excited by looking into the Bush's faces he crossed on over into insanity.

When I read this I thought..."my gawd....I hope Bush is not Moses."' Moses was the Slobodan Milosevic of the Old Testament who ordered ethnic cleansing...rape...genocide and a scorched earth policy.' That brilliant Deist Thomas Paine, who gave us the words "The United States of America" wrote this about Moses:

"The character of Moses is the most horrid tale that can be imagined. Moses was a wretch that committed the most horrible atrocities that can be found in the literature of any nation. ' For Moses said unto them (according to the bible) kill every male among the little ones....and kill every woman that hath known a man by lying with him....but all of the women that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.' "' Among the most detestable villains in history you could not find one worse than Moses. Here is an order, attributed to God, to butcher the boys...massacre the mothers...and to rape their daughters...."

If you want to read about this slaughter, blow the dust off your bibles and turn to the book of Numbers, Chapter 31. I'll tell you, that 'God' has been the greatest cosmic hit man in our history as a species.

Comparing George W. Bush to Moses must be among the most insane statements ever made by a preacher.

From the clown of the Crystal Cathedral to the nearest bible pounding church, most preachers just cannot resist pouring forth absolute nonsense to all of those upturned faces of the sheep.

By the way, can you in your most vivid imagination picture Jesus speaking in the Crystal Cathedral surrounded by glass and spotlights, and clothed in pastel, color coordinated robes and stoles?' I'll never forget Schuller on Larry King Live after he had been arrested for assaulting a flight attendant. Shaking....Schuller said to King....."but Larry.....I did not break any of the ten commandments."' It was so comical it was embarrassing, and yet his flock is there every Sunday waiting for their shepherd to throw out his hay.

Another thought to go with your morning coffee. Have you ever realized that the typical church service on a typical Sunday morning bears a striking resemblance to a court of law. The minister has on a robe, most often black, like a judge. The pews and pulpit closely resemble the furniture of a courtroom. The minister is elevated above the audience, like a judge. The minister preaches law from that idol that has replaced God, called the Bible. The audience (subjects, flock) are supposed to symbolically prostrate themselves before all of this. The judge, (minister) interprets the law...and then throws the book at them. (law: bible)

No wonder it is almost impossible to think your way beyond all of these trappings to the enlightenment of a more refined spiritual consciousness if you have been subjected to this kind of authoritarian structure since early childhood.

The preacher of one of the largest Methodist churches in America said Bush was another Moses.

It is this kind of insanity from organized religion that stands as a great wall, as the greatest obstacle, to our spiritual evolution as a species.

Our American literary and philosophical giant, Ralph Waldo Emerson, put it in these words:

"Christian doctrines and creeds are a disease of the intellect."


"Bush and Moses" is copyright © 2001 by William Edelen.
The electronic version is copyright © 2001 Internet Infidels with the written permission of William Edelen.


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