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Acceptance of a God

Emanuel Klein

Michael Shermer, in his text "How We Believe - The Search For God In An Age Of Science," points out [pg.73] that when "greater" scientists [in this case being members of The National Academy Of Sciences] were questioned about belief in God factoring in doubt or agnosticism...."actual belief in God among eminent scientists (averaged over all fields) was a paltry 7 percent." I wonder, and offer for comment, as to why the 7% [whom I suspect can reasonably be assumed to be at least as brilliant and immersed in "The Scientific Method" and "Rationalism"] as the rest of their colleagues, are able to accept the concept of a God?

It seems to me that such acceptance may require that they be in possession of a different mental state from that under which they practice their science in order to be able to do so. How can this be explained?

I offer as a possibility that this ability may ensue as a Dissociative Behavior.

DISSOCIATION: I personally favor the simple Psychological definition offered by my old Websters New World Dictionary namely, "the process in which a mental activity breaks away from the main stream of consciousness and functions as a separate unit." A pathologic example of Dissociation would be a case of " Multiple Personality."

Is it possible that God acceptance by the 7% represents a manifestation of another Personality? A Personality, unfettered by those Scientist's usual professional rational behavior, which is also a compartmentalized altered state of mind that allows for their acceptance of a God concept?


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