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Secular Web HTML Standards

"What's New?" Page and Archives


"What's New?" Page

  1. The "What's New?" page is a chronological list of changes to the Secular Web, with the most recent changes listed first.
  2. Any time a document or author page is moved or added, or significantly altered, this change must be reflected on the "What's New?" page.
  3. Any time something is added to the Secular Web front page, this change must be reflected on the "What's New" page.
  4. The format for entries shall be as follows. Text in red represents the type of information that needs to be entered in its place:
<BR><H2 CLASS="center">%%date (e.g. November 9, 2001)%%</H>
<P CLASS="at">%%Added/Updated/Deleted%% "<A HREF="%%URL/hyperlink%%">%%Name of Document%%</A>" (%%year written%%) by <A HREF="%%URL of Author's Library Page%%">%%Name of Author%%</A></P>
<P CLASS="ad">%%Description of document, preferably not more than 3 or 4 sentences long.%%</P>
Note: If the link is off site, include after (%%year written%%) the following: (Off&nbsp;Site).

For Author Pages use the following scheme:
<P>%%Added/Updated/Deleted%% author page for <A HREF="%%URL of Author's Library Page%%">%%Name of Author%%</A></P>

"What's New?" Archives

Archives of "What's New?" pages are stored in by month. Be sure to create an archive for a past month in this directory before erasing that month's entries from the "What's New?" page.