Robert Ingersoll

Robert Green Ingersoll

[1833 - 1899]

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Foreword to the Complete Works of Ingersoll

Preface to the Complete Works of Ingersoll

Eight Hours Must Come (1890)

About Farming In Illinois (1877)

About The Holy Bible (1894)

Address To The Actors' Fund Of America (1888)

The Agnostic Christmas (1892)

Western Society Of The Army Of The Potomac Banquet (1894)

Art And Morality (1888)

Bangor Speech (1876)

What Would You Substitute For The Bible As A Moral Guide?

Trial Of C. B. Reynolds For Blasphemy

The Brain And The Bible (1881 - Preface)

The Brooklyn Divines (1883)

Brooklyn Speech (1880)

The Frank B. Carpenter Dinner (1891)

The Census Enumerator's Official Catechism (1890)

Centennial Oration (1876)

My Chicago Bible Class (1879)

Chicago Speech (1876)

An Interview On Chief Justice Comegys (1881)

Should The Chinese Be Excluded (1898)

A Christmas Sermon (1891)

Civil Rights (1883)

The Bigotry Of Colleges

An Address To Colored People (1867)

Is Corporal Punishment Degrading? (1891)

A Criticism Of Robert Elsmere --John Ward, Preacher, And An African Farm

Crumbling Creeds (1890)

Address To The Jury In The Davis Will Case (1891)

Ingersoll Debates [ Index ]

Decoration Day Oration (1882)

Decoration Day Oration (1888)

The Devil (1899)

The Divided Household Of Faith (1888)

How To Edit A Liberal Paper (1887)

Eight To Seven Address (1877)

Cruelty In The Elmira Reformatory

A Few Fragments On Expansion

Fool Friends

What I Want For Christmas (1897)

For Her Daily Bread (Preface)

The Foundations Of Faith (1895)

Fragments From The Pen of Robert G. Ingersoll

Has Freethought A Constructive Side? (1890)

The Ghosts (1877)

The Gods (1872)

God In The Constitution (1890)

The Chicago And New York Gold Speech (1896)

General Grant's Birthday Dinner (1888)

The Great Infidels (1881)

Hard Times And The Way Out

Heretics And Herecies (1874)

What Must We Do To Be Saved (1880)

How To Reform Mankind (1896)

Professor Huxley And Agnosticism (1889)

The Improved Man (1890)

Speech At Indianapolis (1868)

Speech At Indianapolis (1876)

Individuality (1873)

Should Infidels Send Their Children To Sunday School

Inspiration (1885)

A Few Reasons For Doubting The Inspiration Of The Bible (Manuscript)

Interviews With Robert G. Ingersoll [ Index ]

Is Avarice Triumphant?

Is Divorce Wrong? (1889)

Jesus Christ

The Jews

The Law's Delay

A Lay Sermon (1886)

Letters Of Robert G. Ingersoll [ Index ]

The Libel Laws (1888)

Liberty In Literature (1890)

The Liberty Of Man, Woman, And Child (1877)


The Limits Of Toleration (1888)

A Look Backward And A Prophecy (1898)

Lotos Club Dinner In Honor Of Rear Admiral Schley (1898)

Lotos Club Dinner, Twentieth Anniversary (1890)

Manhattan Athletic Club Dinner (1890)

Men, Woman, And Gods (1885 - Preface)

Modern Thinkers (1888 - Preface)

Myth And Miracle (1885)

Convention Of The National Liberal League (1879)

Our New Possessions

New York Speech (1876)

Nomination Of Blaine (1876)

The Circulation Of Obscene Literature (1879)

Abraham Lincoln (1894)


Humboldt (1869)

The Rev. Dr. Newton's Sermon On A New Religion (1888)

Robert Burns (Unpublished) (1878)

Shakespear (1891)

Thomas Paine (1870)

Tolstoy And The Kreutzer Sonata (1890)

Voltaire (1894)

Organized Charities

Orthodoxy (1884)

Our Schools (1890)

The Police Captians' Dinner (1888)

Political Morality (1882)

Address To The Press Club (1898)

Professor Briggs

Progress (1860, 1864)

Ratification Speech (1888)

Col. Ingersoll's Reply To His Critics (On Suicide)

1895 Reunion Address (1895)

My Reviewers Reviewed (1877)

Is It Ever Right For A Husband Or Wife To Kill A Rival?

Sabbath Superstition

Science And Sentiment

Convention Of The American Secular Union (1885)

Secularism (1887)

Some Interrogation Points (1887)

Some Live Topics (1885)

Some Mistakes Of Moses (1879)

Some Reasons Why (1881)

Sowing And Reaping

Spain And The Spaniard

Spirituality (1891)

The Children Of The Stage (1899)

The Star Route Trials [ Index ]

Sufferage Address (1880)

Suicide And Sanity

Suicide Of Judge Normile (1892)

Is Suicide A Sin? (1894)

Suicide A Sin (Interview) (1895)

Sumter's Gun (1891)

Superstition (1898)

Interviews On Rev. Talmage [ Index ]

The Talmagian Catechism (1882)

A Thanksgiving Sermon (1897)

Thirteen Club Dinner (1886)

Thomas Paine (1892)

The Three Philanthropists (1891)

A Tribute To Isaac H. Bailey (1899)

A Tribute To Lawrence Barrett (1891)

A Tribute To Philo D. Beckwith (1893)

A Tribute To Henry Ward Beecher (1887)

A Tribute To Roscoe Conkling (1888)

A Tribute To Thomas Corwin (1899)

A Tribute To Ebon C. Ingersoll (1879)

A Tribute To George Jacob Holyoake (1888)

A Tribute To Mrs. Ida Whiting Knowles (1887)

A Tribute To Mrs. Mary H. Fiske (1889)

A Tribute To Courtlandt Palmer (1888)

At The Grave Of Benj. W. Parker (1876)

Ernest Renan (1892)

A Tribute To The Rev. Alaxander Clark (1879)

A tribute To Dr. Thomas Seton Robertson (1898)

A Tribute To Horace Seaver (1889)

Lotos Club Dinner In Honor Of Anton Seidl (1895)

A Tribute To Richard H. Whiting (1888)

A Tribute To Walt Whitman (1882)

A Tribute To Elizur Wright (1885)

The Truth (1897)

The Truth Of History (1887)

Unitarian Club Dinner (1892)

Vindication Of Thomas Paine (1877)

Vision Of War

Vivisection (1890)

Wall Street Speech (1880)

What Infidels Have Done

What Is Relgion? (1899)

Which Way? (1884)

Why Am I Agnostic? (1889, 1890)

Why I Am An Agnostic (1896)

A Wooden God (1890)

A Word On Education (1891)

Effect Of The World's Fair On The Human Race (1891)

A Young Man's Chances Today

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