Gerald Larue

Gerald A. Larue

[1916 - 2014]


Old Testament Life and Literature (1968) [ Index ]

There is a certain aspect of Humanism that inspires a Humanist to debunk the superstitious and simplistic assumptions of pseudoscience and organized religion. Perhaps through overemphasis, Humanism may project a negative image and be seen as a joyless put-down of everything that does not represent cold, hard rationalism or analytic science. Gerald Larue discusses the positive aspects of humanism.


Freethought: Preparing for the New Enlightenment (1997) (Off Site)

"I say we must rise above our petty differences; we must work together to bring in the new enlightenment which can lie ahead--and it can lie ahead with all the benefits and potentials for human growth. And as this century ends and the new millennium begins, and Jesus doesn't come back, the opportunity for freethought to reach out will be maximized. And therefore I challenge you to respond to this potential with a freethought coalition."