Brief Biography of

Larry A. Taylor


Name: Larry Arthur Taylor, usually styled Larry A. Taylor. (NOT Lawrence. Ever.)

Born (YYYY.MM.DD): 1951.12.31

Occupation: Software Engineer, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles.


B.A. Math, Ambassador College (1973)
M.A. History, Cal. State LA, (1982)
M.S. Computer Science, Cal. Poly. Pomona (1988)
Ph.D. Computer Science, UCLA (1997).


ACM, IEEE, AAAI, CPSR (all computer-related orgs.)
American Humanist Association
Atheists United


"How Your Tax Dollars Support the Boy Scouts of America," The Humanist, Oct. 1995
Korf and Taylor, 1994, "Pruning Duplicate Nodes in Depth-First Search," Proceedings AAAI-94
Korf and Taylor, 1996, "Solving the Twenty-Four Puzzle," AAAI-96 (Portland, OR).
Dissertation: "Pruning Duplicate Nodes in Depth-First Search," UCLA Computer Science Dept., 1997.
Several articles in HUMSIG, the newsletter of the Humanist special interest group of Mensa, including "MessiahGate," reproduced on the Secular Web.

Other Misc. Info:

Refugee from Worldwide Church of God.