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As defined by Paul Draper, naturalism is "the hypothesis that the natural world is a closed system, which means that nothing that is not a part of the natural world affects it." Thus, "naturalism implies that there are no supernatural entities"—including God.
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Quotation of the Minute
"Some people will say, 'But God would never will something cruel like torture. He is, after all, a perfectly good Being.' There at least two important replies to this objection. First, it is not (strictly speaking) relevant. It might be that your friend Smith would never steal anything, but we can still reasonably ask, 'If Smith were to steal something, should he make amends?' And presumably, the answer is 'Yes.' In other words, a purely hypothetical question can still have an answer. So, even if God would not approve of torture, it is still true, according to the divine command theory, that if He were to approve of torture, then torture would be right." C. Stephen Layman, The Shape of the Good: Christian Reflections on the Fondation of Ethics (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame, 1991), p. 38.